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Marketing Ideas for Clinics

Running a clinic and maintaining a steady flow of new patients can be tough. Managing your existing base is crucial but putting together a plan to bring in more patients and growing your clinic needs to be top of mind.

That’s where Retailors Group comes in! We work with clinics from a variety of industries and use a multi-channel approach to generate leads for your health and beauty clinic. The clinics that we work with include dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists and aesthetic clinics.

We assist these companies in developing an online strategy with strong call-to-action techniques that produce results.  Let us worry about keeping your phones ringing and keeping your email inboxes full while you do what you do best.

How it Works

Understand Your Business
We will take the time to fully understand your services, your customers and where your current online strategy is. This step gives us the information required to target the right customers with the right services.
Setup Lead Generation Campaigns
We have a proven system for lead generation that includes using Search Engine Optimization, Google Search Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads that works. Let us setup up your campaigns and get your phone ringing!
Start Receiving Leads
Once we get your campaigns running, get ready for your leads to flow in! We will provide you with a dashboard to show you how many leads you are receiving, where they are coming from and how they're connecting with you

Platforms We Use

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How Many More Patients You Can Get?

Start getting more patients today. Our proven system will get you the patients you want immediately!

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