If you are in the Windows and Doors industry, then you know that generating leads is essential for your business. From our experience we have seen Windows and Doors businesses utilize one of the following to generate leads:

  • Mail drops through the postal service
  • Buy recycled leads from online companies
  • Hire a digital marketing agency to do SEO and online advertising
  • Do nothing and rely on word-of-mouth

While all of these techniques probably generate a moderate amount of leads, Retailors Group has worked with dozens of Windows and Doors businesses over the last 3 years and we consistently generate over 1000 leads per month for our clients using a tried, tested and true system.

So how do generate these thousands of leads every month?

Facebook Ads Using Lead Forms

Maybe you have tried Facebook/Instagram ads in the past and have not seen the results that you were hoping for. But why is it there are still over 3 million businesses that use Facebook for paid digital advertising?

The reason for this is simple, certain businesses and industries have found the right audience and Facebook campaign that generates consistent and reliable results.

When we launch Facebook Ads for Windows and Doors clients, we always use Facebook’s built-in instant forms. The built-in instant form allows you to collect contact information from people who may be interested in your business or service without requiring those people to leave Facebook or Instagram.

We have found that we generate 4 times more leads for windows and doors clients using lead forms vs taking potential leads to a website or landing page.

Google Search Ads Straight to Lead Capture

If you are generating online leads for your Windows and Doors business, you have either tried Google Search Ads or you are already running Google Search Ads. You are probably also aware that the cost-per-click for keywords associated with Window and Doors tend to be higher.

So how do we maximize on converting the clicks? We have found that straight-to-the-point landing pages that lead consumers to an action work better than leading consumers to a regular website. Moreover, we have found that getting straight to the lead capture form upon the click from a Google search ad, eliminating all of the distractions from a landing page or website, generates 27% more leads.

On top of knowing what works for where to bring clients that click on your ad, we also have the experience specifically with Windows and Doors clients which means we have the list of negative keywords and have the winning copy for ads, both of which help maximize on higher intent clicks.

SEO for Window and Doors

There is a big difference in hiring an SEO company and hiring an SEO company that specializes in Windows and Doors. A lot of our current Windows and Doors clients have worked with another SEO company prior to working with us. What we have seen is other SEO companies treat Windows and Doors companies like they would treat any other industry. Unfortunately, this strategy puts an emphasis on “ranking” keywords vs generating leads.

At Retailors Group we have an SEO strategy that works for Windows and Doors:

  • Separate your window pages from your door pages to rank higher intent searches
  • Create city pages to maximize local searches
  • Content writers dedicated to writing Widows and Doors content for better ranking

Moreover, we will also make necessary changes to your website as required to ensure when consumers land on it, they convert into leads.

Contests that Generate Leads

We see a lot of contests being run by companies nowadays. For the most part, these contests are designed to increase social media followers, increase email subscribers and increase general brand awareness and exposure. While these are all good reasons for contest creation, we have found the formula to utilize these contests to generate leads.

What we do is ask contest entrants a set of filtering questions. Essentially, we want to find entrants that fit the criteria of an ideal Windows and Doors lead. If entrants answer questions that do not meet criteria (ie they are renting or live in a condo), they will be simply asked to enter the contest.

If the entrant does meet the criteria, they will be shown a promotion and asked if they want to get a quote. If they say no to the quote, we at least know that this individual meets the criteria of an ideal customer and we will ask this individual to opt-in to an email list and continue to nurture them through emails and retargeting ads.

Customer Nurturing

As touched on above, when we work with Windows and Doors customers, we help nurture known customers. Who is a known customer? A known customer is one that we have either captured through a contest, email opt-in form or one that we know anonymously through a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics Cookie.

For those that we know through an email address, we will send them monthly newsletters with offers. For those that we only know via a cookie, we will retarget these individuals through social media ads as well as Google display ads.

To summarize, we are a trusted Windows and Doors Marketing Agency. We put the focus on generating leads vs other vanity metrics that our competitors like to talk about. Still skeptical? Try our guaranteed leads package to experience first-hand a good sample of what we can deliver.

How We Generate Thousands of Leads a Month for our Windows and Doors Clients