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We provide various retail management services focused on increasing sales, developing employee engagement, creating operational efficiency, and creating a consistent five-star customer experience


Managing an effective and profitable retail location involves many moving parts to be successful. There are many aspects that require attention like controlling expenses, managing employees, effectively marketing, inventory management, having sound operational systems and most importantly driving sales.

Being able to execute this with one location is challenging , never mind trying to scale your business into a multi-location retail operation.

The team at Retailors Group has over 15 years of experience in multi-unit Retail Management. Our Retail Management services will help you either focus on a small aspect of your retail operation or be as large as completely outsourcing the entire operation. We will tailor the right solution for your needs.


We will design and execute a tailored behaviour based program for the purpose of increasing your sales

operational efficiency

We will assess and tailor a program to increase your operational efficiency and decrease your operating costs

Reduce employee turnover

We will tailor a program to help with your recruitment, on-boarding and succession planning process

Retail Sales Training

We will design and execute a sales training program that is aligned with your corporate culture

Customer Loyalty Improvement

We will evaluate all aspects of your retail operations and design a five-star customer experience program


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