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Content Marketing Services

Your Digital Marketing strategy requires a diverse approach if you are going to attract a wide audience that is engaged in your brand.

Many times, small business owners want instant gratification when spending marketing dollars. Call-to-action marketing tactics should definitely be an approach in your strategy, but developing a brand identity and loyal following is essential to long term and sustainable growth.

This where Content Marketing Services comes in. Instead of advertising your product or services directly to your consumers, you take a different approach by providing your audience with relevant and useful information that helps solve a problem, answer a question or teach a concept.

By becoming an authority and resource in your field, you will gain more credability and a larger following. From there you will have a larger audience to directly advertise to.

There are many forms of content marketing. Fill out the form below and one of our Digital Marketing Specialists will advise you on what types of content will work for your business.

Blog Posts
Let us write stunning seo ready blog posts that will help your consumers answer a question giving you the authority in your industry
Use a graphic with images, words and charts to visualize information clearly and quickly
We will help you create the right style of video for your business to attract the demographic that are engaged with video content
How-to Guides
Utilizing this type of content is a great way to teach your consumers how to do things which in turn solidifies your authority in your industry
Social Posts
Put a social media content strategy together to ensure you are attracting new consumers and keeping your existing engaged
Case Studies
Let us help put together compelling case studies of your previous projects to showcase your amazing work to potential customers
We will help you host an informative webinar to reach out to your audience in an interactive and engaging environment
Sometimes words and videos do not get the message across. Let us help you put stunning images together to engage your consumers.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video, which is a form of content marketing, is an animated video that focuses on describing a business idea or process in a visual manner. Explainer videos are a great and fun way to capture the attention of your audience while still accomplishing your goal of explaining your business idea.

At Retailors Group, we implement a process for producing great quality explainer videos. We will work with you to develop an idea of what you want to accomplish with your explainer video. From there, we write the script, record the voice over and then produce the animation.

Contact us today to get an explainer video produced.


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